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Klaus G. Deissler wird 70!

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Klaus Deissler (Foto: Tom Levold 2010)

Schon vor fünf Jahren ist hier einiges zu Klaus Deissler und seinen Beiträgen zur Entwicklung des systemischen Ansatzes vor allem in seiner sozialkonstruktionistischen Variante anlässlich seines 65. Geburtstages gesagt worden. Heute wird er 70 und systemagazin gratuliert ganz herzlich.

Ein wichtiger Aspekt seiner Arbeit galt immer auch der Verständigung mit und Förderung von Kolleginnen und Kollegen in den damals sozialistischen Ländern Osteuropas und in Kuba.

Auf der Website des Taos-Institutes ist ein schöner Dialog der kubanischen KollegInnen Rosario María Fraga Gómez und Elsa Loipa Araujo Pradere mit Klaus Deissler zu lesen, in dem dieser seine Verbindung und seine Erfahrungen mit dieser Arbeit reflektiert und der offenbar aus dem Jahr 2020 stammt. In der Einleitung heißt es:

„For twelve years now a group of therapists from the Psychiatric Service of the Joaquín Albarrán Hospital in Havana have been working in collaboration with the Family Therapy Institute in Marburg, particularly with you. During this period, we have sustained encounters and dis- encounters, yet we have prevailed despite all the red tape, language barriers and also, perhaps, cultural barriers.
We don’t know if you are aware of what you represent for our Psychiatric Service. We could even say that today there is a time B.K and another A.K, with regards to our postulates as therapists before and after having attended your seminars. We are deeply grateful to you and although we are not religious, we consider your visits a blessing from God, a miracle which has made our dream come true, that of becoming family therapists with practical dialogue training, based on the theory of a The certain thing is that we don’t know specific school. We believe your perseverance, honesty and personal devotion, while working with our team, your style of implied relation, imbued in a sense of passion for your work, made possible for a large group of our physiatrists to embrace this method and will continue to honor your invitation to continue a horizontal dialogue during psychotherapies.
Perhaps we should explain what the acronyms mean:
B.K (before Klaus): we therapists were like the fortune-tellers of the oracles, both aware and proud of our power (knowledge), expected to reveal the ̈truth’’ or current and future problems, based on signs, symptoms, symbols, signals, formulations, language, conduct, emotions, relations, relations, etc., telling people what should be done and how. In our case, the oracle was the family and its narrations.
A.K (after Klaus): the starting point of therapists was one of not knowing. We do not have to boast about our technical knowledge, or reveal hidden secrets, nor do we search for an absolute truth, but rather multiple descriptions. We base ourselves on the family system to find new possible solutions; we do not make critical judgments, inquiring with a positive attitude. We also display our emotions as an element of implied relation, attempting to maintain a symmetric relation and to promote a respect of differences, based on diversity, paralogía, polyphony and multi-vocality.
Due to the fact that at this very moment you are several hundreds of kilometers away, we have not other choice than to attempt a dialogue, as we have done before, through emails. For this purpose we have prepared a series of questions, which we can modify if you do not feel comfortable with them. We would like to know a bit more about you and also to be able to learn, as the conversation unfolds.”

Der vollständige Text kann hier nachgelesen werden…

Lieber Klaus, zum 70. Geburtstag und die Zeit danach alles erdenklich Gute!

Herzliche Grüße, Tom

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