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Abolish use of formal psychiatric diagnostic systems like ICD & DSM

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Auf hat Sami Timimi, dessen aktuelle Veröffentlichung aus Kontext 2/2013 in der letzten Woche auch im systemagazin zu lesen war, eine Petition zur Abschaffung der Formalen Diagnosesysteme ICD und DSM an das Royal College of Psychiatrists gerichtet, das von allen amn diesem Thema Interessierten mitgezeichnet werden kann. Der Text lautet wie folgt
Abolish use of formal psychiatric diagnostic systems like ICD & DSM

Psychiatric diagnoses are not valid.
Use of psychiatric diagnosis increases stigma.
Using psychiatric diagnosis does not aid treatment decisions.
Long term prognosis for mental health problems has got worse.
Psychiatric diagnosis imposes Western beliefs about mental distress on other cultures.
Alternative evidence based models for organizing effective mental health care are available.

To read the full evidence based arguments view the ‘No More Psychiatric Labels’ paper at which is reproduced below …

Hier kann die Petition unterzeichnet werden…

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