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„Mr Trump’s campaign now has all the classic signs of a failed family business“

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In einem interessanten Economist-Article (danke an Arist von Schlippe für den Hinweis) wird der Versuch von Donald Trump kritisch analysiert, Politik und die Präsidentschaftswahlen in den USA als Familienunternehmen zu führen – und dabei zu scheitern: „And before dismissing the Trumps’ dynastic campaign as a weird aberration it is worth remembering that America is no stranger to political families. The Donald may be the first candidate to run his campaign like a family business but the Adamses, Kennedys, Rockefellers, Bushes and, of course, the Clintons have all regarded politics as a family business. Hillary Clinton is as professional as Mr Trump is slapdash. Yet there are some similarities. Mrs Clinton relies heavily on family members—not just on her husband, Bill, but also on her daughter, Chelsea. (The similarities between Chelsea and Ivanka are uncanny: they are, among other things, both in their mid-30s, and both married to men whose fathers have done time in prison). Mrs Clinton is also prey to conflicts of interest, particularly over the Clinton Foundation, which would be much more fiercely debated now if it weren’t for Mr Trump’s follies. Even if he loses the election America will not be rid of the problems that are created when families, businesses and politics“. Quelle: The Economist

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